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The National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC) is a federal government center created to serve the U.S. government's translation needs. We were established by Congress in 2003 to provide timely and accurate translations in support of national interests.

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Whether you are a U.S. government agency in need of translation services, a linguist looking for employment, or simply interested in learning more about the NVTC, we invite you to use the form below to contact us!





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The NVTC is a Virtual Workplace


Our personnel and linguists are located throughout the United States and connect via various networks into and out of our Program Office in Washington, D.C. to perform their work. Linguists live and work throughout the United States. Those who work on classified materials receive their assignments via secure channels through arrangements with other government facilities. Linguists who work on unclassified projects can work from many different work sites – including home (provided the linguist has sufficient connectivity and the necessary hardware and software to complete the job). NVTC's virtual network removes geographic boundaries.


The NVTC has a cadre of qualified linguists who augment existing government translation resources.


NVTC linguists have diverse backgrounds and situations:

  • Government employees (active and retired)
  • Independent contract linguists
  • Linguists from vendor companies


As an NVTC Contract Linguist

Your primary duties will involve translating documents or audio on a wide variety of subjects.  Working hours will depend on the NVTC’s needs and your availability. Your rate of pay will be determined by the foreign language and the classification of the material to be translated. This rate will be set forth in the contract.


Application Process:

Applicants must apply online here. All applications are screened to determine if you meet all initial requirements for processing. If your application makes it through the initial screening, you will be contacted for further processing, which includes the Foreign Language Test Battery and FBI background investigation.



  • Must be a U.S. citizen and willing to renounce any dual citizenship.
  • Proficiency in a language needed by the NVTC.
  • Must pass required components of the Foreign Language Test Battery, which may include:
    • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
    • English composition test (only if the DLPT does not exist in your language)
    • Translation test from foreign language into English
    • Oral proficiency interview in foreign language
    • Oral proficiency interview in English
  • Must pass a rigorous FBI background investigation


We invite you to join our nationwide network of linguists.

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