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The National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC) is a federal government center created to serve the U.S. government's translation needs. We were established by Congress in 2003 to provide timely and accurate translations in support of national interests.

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Whether you are a U.S. government agency in need of translation services, a linguist looking for employment, or simply interested in learning more about the NVTC, we invite you to use the form below to contact us!





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The NVTC understands that translated documents should convey the intended meaning of the original author and take into account the subject matter, register, text type, purpose, and audience. Because the NVTC's customers depend on the accuracy and integrity of the translations it produces, the NVTC is committed to providing publishable quality translations.

  • High Quality Guaranteed – Vigorous Quality Assurance program employed from project concept to completion; all translations are reviewed by a second, professional-level linguist to ensure accuracy

  • Professional Linguists – NVTC employs skilled linguists at all clearance levels who are rigorously tested on both their knowledge of the language and their translation skills


The NVTC has translated to and from over 120 languages!

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We understand that your deadlines are not
arbitrary, so we strive to exceed your expectations
and allow you to meet your own demanding operational

Our timeliness is facilitated by:

  • Linguist Availability – NVTC leverages its nationwide network of linguists to meet specific customer requirements

  • On-time Delivery – Online workflow system allows NVTC to manage its distributed workforce and process translations to meet customer deadlines efficiently




A key benefit of working with the NVTC is that we provide the U.S. government high-quality translation services in a cost-effective manner.  The NVTC works closely with our customers to help them spend effectively and avoid unnecessary overhead or other costs often associated with translation services.  In some cases the NVTC has funding in place to cover an agency's translation requests. Contact the NVTC to see if funding already exists for your requests.

We are committed to providing translations to our customers that are accurate and timely, while maintaining a focus on fiscal responsibility. We do this by providing:

  • Translation as a Service – Customers pay only the cost of translation; no overhead costs or administrative fees

  • On-demand – NVTC offers flexibility and surge capability to meet customer needs

  • Strong Customer Partnership – Work closely with our customers to manage translation costs
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